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Welcome to the Greener by Design "Idea Book" Site

This site has been created to guide you through the initial stages of our design process. We will introduce you to the basics of design and give you the resources to more fully develop your concept of what sort of garden you would like to see. The idea is that you can go through the site and start to assemble concepts for your garden design idea book, a book we will use together to co-create the garden of your dreams.

This site is under constant development with new sections being added regularly. Newer sections will be a little weak on content, older sections will have a wide variety of content some of which may not be to your taste. That's the idea in a nutshell, by going through the sections we will get more clarity on what exactly your taste is.

The albums have been separated into four groups: 1) Urban garden elements 2) Estate/home garden elements,3) Client design pages. The urban section covers greenroofs, greenwalls, roof gardens, terraces, commercial buildings, and backyards. The Homes and estates section covers a large array of country and suburban landscape elements. The client design section is where you will see your own garden project develop.

 As you go through the albums on this site, take note of elements you have extreme reactions too, elements that you love or hate so to speak. It will help in the design process if we know what sort of elements to avoid and what sort to work in to the garden space(s) we are creating together.

Below are some questions to get you started

1) What Sort of Garden are you Looking for?

Just like the rooms in your home, defining a garden space starts with getting clarity on how the space will be used. Ask yourself questions like:

"If this were a room in my home, what room would it be? Kitchen? Study? Play Area?"
"Who will be using this space the most, kids? dogs? guests?"

By defining how you want to use the space, a lot of other questions will fall into place regarding what kinds of garden elements you will want to see in the space.

2) What Colors & Textures Do I Like?

This is often a harder question than you might imagine and in order to help you with this question, there are literally hundreds of pictures on this site to peruse and choose from.

3) Do I Want a Water Feature? a Pool?

Part of our mission at Greener by Design is to "Revive the Senses". For us this means ALL the senses, not just your eyes. The truth is that our senses are hammered in our day to day experience by cars, trains, leaf blowers, advertising, etc. Gardens should soothe and massage the senses. Water has been recognized as a calming element both in sight and sound.

4) What Else: Patio? Pavers? Stone? Pergolas? Arbors? fencing?

Go through the albums and pull as many ideas as you can! Pictures can be printed or downloaded.
All pictures are copyrighted and are not for use in publications or on the internet.